PHP Training In Jalandhar

PHP Training in Jalandhar
PHP Training in Jalandhar


TrafficSeoNow is one such company that has imparted quality PHP training for a long period of time to the people of Jalandhar. With its intelligently crafted online and classroom programs it has become a renowned name in the field of web development courses. APTRONIX is an apt choice for those who want to pursue a career in web development especially through PHP.

Our PHP Training Divided Into 3 Phase :

1st Phase : All Basics of PHP will with usage example like if else,switch,while loop,array,sessions,functions etc

2nd Phase : Creating Advance Module that most frequently usage in site like login panel, newsletter sending management, email imports, pagination, lightbox, photo gallery, captcha , pagination , multi-level category management, textarea editor and many more .

3rd Phase : Shopping cart online payment gateway project from scratch

Our Training period focused on practical project based .Around 80% classes based on Project work mainly e-commerce (Shoping cart of online payment ) So, after completing Training trainee will be capable of doing any projects


  • Introduction of PHP, Data Types, Operators
  • Installing Local Server (XAMPP/WAMPP)
  • Echo function, conditional tag (If Else)
  • Loop (While loop, For Loop)
  • Array (Numeric, Associative , Multi-Dimensional)
  • For each loop in array
  • Functions
  • Switch Case
  • OOPS
  • Database , Mysql Data Types, Creating Tables

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